At just $500, Asus’ VivoBook S15 is one of the best budget laptops this year

For $500, Asus really knows how to make a deal for itself. It isn’t very often that computer manufacturers stretch the boundaries of their budget-line of laptops, but Asus has managed to do squeeze every bit of power and technology they could and it offers something perfect for young professionals and college students.

The new Asus VivoBook S15 has a design that is similar to the ZenBook range offered by the company, but has its inclinations in design aesthetic closer to the MacBook’s. The laptop definitely looks more expensive than it actually is. It was featured among a host of other offerings from the company at the Computex press event held in Taipei. First off, the design of the laptop is following the trend that current generation PCs do, which is to have extra thin bezels, keeping the footprint of the laptop small while holding a big 15.6-inch screen. It’s lightweight and is quite functional as well.

The S15 packs an NVIDIA 940MX GPU. It will come with 7th Generation U-series Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, with a top RAM configuration of up to 16GB. Storage is delivered through 2TB of backup. All of this power at an affordable $499. In terms of ports, buyers will be delighted to see a mix of legacy and current-gen ports on offer, for professional users. The HD resolution display should be more than enough for producers to do their favourite work on the system.

Thanks to an aluminium chassis, it will maintain the lightness in the weight of the laptop. For those kinds of specifications and with build quality to boot, there are not much other options to consider apart from the VivoBook S15 at this price-point. For those who want a little more than that however, for some more money, buyers can get the VivoBook Pro, which comes with a 4K display and a much higher tiered Intel chipset along with a 10-series NVIDIA GTX GPU. Optane memory and HDD and SSD hybrid drive options are also on the cards.

For a laptop that needs to get the job done, the VivoBook S15 ticks all the right spots and without breaking a sweat, and the bank as well. Asus kept it simple with this offering and offered buyers exactly what they need at a price that they want.


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